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Wolff: Real books can defeat Amazon and e-books


Elon Musk was a nervous wreck.
The entrepreneur many today consider the next Steve Jobs hardly seemed like a visionary genius in 1995 when he stood uninvited in the lobby of Netscape Communications’ headquarters in Mountain View, trying to muster enough courage to launch a career.
Fresh out of college with degrees in physics and economics, the 24-year-old Musk had already tried e-mailing the company his resume. Netscape, makers of the first mass Web browser, never replied. So Musk, who had left his native South Africa to find a tech job, showed up in person. But he was too shy to approach anyone.
“What am I going to say: ‘Please give me a job’?” Musk recently recalled. “They’d be like, ‘Call security - there’s this weird kid here.’ “